Raja Singh speech at Begum Bazar.

As the elections approach in Telangana, all the political parties are continuing their election campaign, we have seen how the leader of one party has strong words to bring down the other party in the eyes of the public.

Raja Singh’s Speech:

It was Saturday, November 18, when KTR had come to Begum Bazaar to support his Baras Party’s MLA candidate Nandu Bilal. Let us tell you that Nandu Bilal is the MLA candidate of the BRS party who is standing against Raja Singh from Goshamahal Constituency.

KTR speech at Begum Bazar

Video courtesy: T News
Instagram: T Raja Singh

On one hand, BJP ex-MLA T. Raja Singh is known for his controversial statements, and due to his controversial statements he was also suspended from the party, on the other hand, his opposition party BRS’s MLA candidate Nandu Bilal is targeting him saying That T Raja Singh only does politics to spoil the environment of the city.

On Saturday 18th November, when KTR came to Goshmahal Constituency to support his party’s MLA candidate, he also targeted BJP and said that BJP only does religious politics. KTR also said that he will adopt the Goshamahal constituency if the public votes and elects BRS from the Goshamahal constituency.

Sharing an old video from file T Raja Singh replied to KTR and shared a video on his Twitter (now X) handle and asked KTR why they are not funding his constituency even after requesting funds multiple times. He challenged KTR to travel to the old city and look at the damaged roads and drainages in the old city.

Raja Singh’s reply to KTR

Talking to India Today News Anchor T Raja Singh says that he has spent 500+ crores on development for his constituency even when he is in the opposition party not only that he also requested to Telangana Government to fund 2000 crores as that is the estimated amount for complete development of Goshamahal constituency which includes Drainage, roads development etc.

T Raja Singh accuses Telangana Government of being biased and only funding other parties like AIMIM.

Video Credits: India Today.

Raja Singh’s wife’s name.

Usha Bai is the wife of ex-BJP MLA T Raja Singh.

Raja Singh family details.

Raja Singh Family

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