Telangana: up to 90% discount on Pending Challans, valid till 10 Jan 2024

The Newly formed Congress Government along with RTO Telangana has yet once again surprised the citizens by announcing up to 90% discounts on pending challans.

Telangana e challan discount

Who can avail of this discount scheme?

All individuals residing in Telangana with valid Telangana RTO registered vehicles are eligible to avail of the discount.

Advisory issued by State Government

Telangana e challan discount

How to check if your vehicle has pending challans.

Users can log in to the Telangana Government’s official website and enter their vehicle details to check if they have any pending challans. Below is the official website to pay your e-challans.

Users can check their pending challans and make payments for the same by using the official site of the Telangana RTO public view website. Telangana: up to 90% discount on Pending Challans, valid till 10 Jan 2024

Discounts category of vehicles

Vehicle CategoryDiscount OfferedPercentage to be paid
TSRTC buses and Pushcarts90% discount offered10% to be paid
Two and Three wheelers80% discount offered20% to be paid
Cars, Heavy motor vehicles, and all other 4 wheelers60% discount offered40% to be paid

TS e Challan check

Login to the Telangana RTO website to check and pay your pending challans.

TS e Challan payment

Users can log in to RTO’s official website to check their pending challans and make the payment of the same. Paytm is also a good platform to check your challans and make payments of the same.

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