T Raja Singh: Know about the most controversial politician. Birth, Family, Political career and more insides! 

Thakur Raja Singh Lodh, popularly known as Tiger Raja Singh by his supporters, was born on  15th April 1977.

T Raja Singh's residence is in Dhoolpet. Singh is married to T. Usha Devi and has 3 sons and 1 daughter.

Raja Singh started his political career in 2009 as representative from Mangalhat for Telugu Desam Party (TDP) 

Raja then joined Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) in the year 2014 ahead of 2014 Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly Elections.

Since joining BJP in 2014, Raja Singh never got defeated in elections from Goshamahal Constiuency. 2023 Marks his 3rd consistent term as MLA from his constituency.

Opposition parties often alleges Raja Singh of disturbing peace and harmony in the country, through his hate speeches for a particular community.

Raja Singh left BJP thrice since his joining in 2014, citing BJP is not doing much for Hindus and for cow protection. Singh is also one of the main member of "Sri Ram Yuva Sena"

Tiger Raja Singh conducts Ram Navmi Shoba Yatra every year in Hyderabad. Following his popularity among his supporters, lakhs of people gather to be part of the Shoba Yatra.

T Raja Singh has been in controversies through out his political career and has more than 100 cases filed against him.

Raja Singh was behind the bars for more than two months in one of the case filed against him in 2022.

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