Video: Shocking! Ice Cream Vendor masturbates and mixes semen in Ice Cream & Falooda, Arrested!

In a shocking video that is going viral on social media, a roadside Ice cream Vendor from Nakkonda, Warangal, Telangana can be seen masturbating and mixing semen in the Ice Cream and Falooda that he serves to his customers.

Ice Cream Vendor Viral Video

The video went viral soon after it was posted on social media and people shared their opinions and thoughts and also demanded strict action to be taken against the Vendor for such a shameful and disgusting act.

Vendor Arrested by SHO Nekkonda

The SHO NEKKODA took his Twitter (now X) and shared the post stating,

“In a WhatsApp video yesterday in Nekkonda Mandal against him who behaved indecently in a public place The Nekkonda Police registered a legal case and made an arrest.” – SHO NEKKONDA

Ice Cream Vendor Semen mixing
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