Telangana: Ram Navami Rally permission denied, T. Raja Singh reacts

As per the latest update Hyderabad Police has denied T Raja Singh’s Ram Navami Rally permission which he submitted around 40 days ago to the Police department.

Ram Navami Shoba Yatra 2024

T Raja Singh on his official Twitter (now X) posted a video stating police had denied his permission just one day before the Ram Navami, not giving him much time to react and resubmit the request.

Twitter: T Raja Singh

Police deny Ram Navami Rally permission submitted by T Raja Singh

T Raja Singh took his Twitter (now X) to post a video, stating Police had denied his permission to conduct Ram Navami Rally which he has been doing since 2010.

T Raja Singh says he received a letter from the local police around 8:30 pm, denying his request for “Ram Navami Shoba Yatra” to be held on 17h April, leaving them with insufficient time to address the issue.

Singh says after the Congress government’s rule in the city, it was pretty obvious that Hindus would be put on the back foot not only in Telangana but in every state where Congress is in power, Hindus are facing injustice.

T Raja Singh says there were illegal cases booked against Hindus since the time he was a cooperator and Congress was ruling in Andhra Pradesh (before Telangana state formation).

I will not back down: T Raja Singh

T Raja Singh said he will continue with the Ram Navami Shoba Yatra on 17th April as planned and arrangments are being made for the same, no one can stop it.

It is estimated that lakhs of volunteers with turn up and join the Shoba Yatra for which the city police have been making necessary arrangements for a smooth and peaceful rally procession.

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