Who is Madhavi Latha, the BJP candidate against Asaduddin Owaisi for Lok Sabha Elections 2024 Telangana.

Madhavi Latha is a cultural activist, she holds a Bachelor's degree in Public Administration from Nizam and Master's degree in Political Science from Osmania University. 

Madhavi Latha campaigned against triple talaq (enforced in 2019). She collaborated with muslim women's group to educate the women about the law and addressed the issue prominently in old city

Latha is a Hindutva figure and chairperson of Virinchi Hospital. Latha is mother to three children and she made headlines for homeschooling her children, her eldest son secured an admission in IIT.

Madhavi Latha is a professional Bharatanatyam dancer, a businesswoman and an NCC cadet. Latha has also been sponsor of girls education and is known for her efforts in organizing Health camps. 

Latha's Virinchi Hospital faced a setback when health authorities revoked its license for COVID-19 treatment after allegations of overcharging patients

Madhavi Latha's announcement as BJP candidate from the Hyderabad seat came as a surprise for everyone because she was not even part of the party before this announcement. 

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