Book Fair Hyderabad by UBF

We have exciting news for all the bookworms out there! Book Fair Hyderabad is being organized in Hyderabad by Used Boks Factory from 25th August 2023 to 3rd September 2023.

Hyderabad Book Fair

Embarking upon an extravagant venture, I am delighted to announce the grand arrival of the “Unlimited Book Fair” at the vibrant GSM Mall in the heart of Hyderabad! Prepare to be enthralled as you dive into a world where books know no bounds, where your reading appetite is met with an array of choices beyond your wildest imagination.

Unlimited Book Fair Hyderabad, how it works:

Imagine this: you stand before a trio of enigmatic boxes, each possessing its own unique charm. A whimsical small box, a modest medium box, and a grandiloquent large box beckon you to embark on a literary adventure like never before. Your task? Choose a box that resonates with your bibliophilic desires fill as many books as you can and pay only for the box size.

Unlimited Book Fair

Small Box Details:

The small box, a veritable treasure chest of literature, cradles within it the potential to house a constellation of books, numbering anywhere between 10 to 12. Perfect for those who seek an intimate rendezvous with literature, this box carries a price tag of 1199/-.

Medium Box Details:

Behold the medium box, a medium between worlds, capable of accommodating a delightful ensemble of 17 to 18 books. As you explore the pages that await, the stories within will transport you to realms unknown. This enchanting box can be yours for a mere 1799/-.

Large Box Details:

But wait, for those who dare to dream and yearn for an epic saga, the large box stands ready. With its voluminous embrace, it can contain a breathtaking collection of 28 to 30 books. The price, you ask? A mere 2999/-.

  • 📦 Small Box – ₹ 1199 (10-12 books approx)
  • 📦 Medium Box – ₹ 1799 (15-17 books approx)
  • 📦 Large Box – ₹ 2999 (28-30 books approx)

Unlock the magic of the “Boundless Tome Extravaganza” as you waltz through the pages of literary wonders. Every box holds a promise of escapades, mysteries, romances, and knowledge, all wrapped within the allure of a surprise selection. From the mysterious allure of the small to the balanced embrace of the medium, and the sprawling horizons of the large, each box holds the power to ignite your imagination.

Address, Timings, and Details of Unlimited Book Fair Hyderabad:

The Unlimted Book Fair will be held in Hyderabad from 25th August 2023 to 3rd September 2023 at GSM Mall & Multiplex.

Hyderabad Book Fair Location and Timing

So, dear book enthusiasts, the time has come to heed the call of the written word. Join us at Hyderabad’s GSM Mall, where the “Unlimited Book Fair” awaits your presence. Revel in the joy of unearthing new narratives, traverse the realms of fiction and fact, and immerse yourself in a world where perplexity and burstiness of thought take flight on the wings of prose.

Embrace the allure, choose your box, and let the journey begin. May your shelves be adorned and your heart be captivated in this celebration of literature’s endless charm.

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