Nita Ambani visits Balkampet Yellamma Temple before SRH vs MI match in Hyderabad

The owner of Mumbai Indians and wife of Mukesh Ambani, Nita Ambani on Wednesday visited Balkampet Yellamma Temple before reaching the Uppal stadium for the MI vs SRH match in the ongoing IPL season 17th edition.

Nita Ambani’s Visit to Balkampet Temple

Nita visits Yellamma Pochamma Temple at Balkampet every year during the IPL season and following the same she visited the Temple around 7:30 pm on Wednesday before reaching the Uppal Stadium to watch her team MI play their second match against the home team SRH.

She visited the temple wearing MI’s jersey and performed a special pooja for her team’s victory in the IPL’s 17th edition.

Significance of Balkampet Temple

Sri Yellamma Pochamma Devastanam which is in Balkampet holds a great significance as the devotees believe that Ammavara herself appeared in Balkampet Yellamma Temple, it is believed that visiting this temple will cure all ailments.

The Temple is also very popular and most visited during Bonalu’s time in Hyderabad.

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