Makar Sankranti 2024 | Where to buy the best Ghevar in Hyderabad?

In this article, we will be discussing how to select the best Ghevar and also suggest some sweet shops that sell Authentic Rajasthani Ghevar.

Ghewar begum bazar

We have personally visited a lot of places in Hyderabad that sell Ghevar in Hyderabad and listed out the following eateries/shops that make and sell Ghevar in traditional Rajasthani style.

List of shops selling Best Ghevar in Hyderabad

1. Sri Balaji Ganesh Maharaj Caterers located at Begum Bazar Chatri:

Located in the tiny lanes of Begum Bazar this place is a Gem for all the hardcore food lovers out there. The owner here is said to be hailing all the way from Rajasthan and they sell all types of Rajasthani sweets and savories in this tiny outlet which is most of the time crowded due to heavy demand for their sweets and namkeens.

click on the image below for the location link of Sri Ganesh Maharaj Caters

Sri Balaji Ganesh Maharaj Caterers

2. Agrawala Sweets is located at Abids, opposite Ramakrishna Theatre.

The Agrawala sweets are known for the quality and taste that they have been providing to their customers. This is one of the finest shops to buy Ghewar from, they have a wide range of Ghevars to choose from and during Sankranti time they stock up on healthy winter sweets Ghevar being one among them.

click on the image below for the location link of Agrawala Sweets

Agrawala sweets

3. Sri Jodhpur Mithai Ghar located near Aziz Plaza

This place is very popular for its Onion Kachori and people who visit this place for their lip-smacking Onion Kachori, let us tell you that Sri Jodhpur Mithai Ghar is also very famous for its Rajasthani sweets and Ghewar. Do give it a try when you visit this place again and let us know in the comment box.

Sri Jodhpur Mithai Ghar

4. Delhi Mithai Wala located at Ameerpet

With more than 50 years of experience in Sweets and Namkeens Delhi Mithai Wala has surprised us with their taste of Malai Ghevar and other Rajasthani sweets. From sweets to all bakery products they have a very good hold and experience in what they do and this is a reason they have built such a strong Goodwill in the market. The gift items and hampers are another masterpiece to buy.

When it comes to Malai Ghevar we had to admit that they are one the finest and best in the city to be selling this unique sweet.

Dekhi Mithai wala

5. Balaji Ratanlal Mithan Bhandar

Drum Rolls!! We have saved the best for the last and Balaji Ratanlal Mithai Bhandar deserves to hold the top position on the list. They rule this category of Business and we say this so confidently because they have 50+ years of experience in this field and have been producing a huge variety of Sweets and Namkeens. No matter what you choose to eat here we bet you will fall in love with the taste they provide to their customers.

Their Malai Ghevar is just so delicious and always high in demand. They have two branches in the city out of which one is located in Kacheguda and the other is located in Secunderabad and we have mentioned both locations below.

Balaji Ratanlal Mithai Bhandar

Kachiguda Branch Location Link, click here

Secunderabad Branch Location Link, click here

Which Ghevar is best in India?

There are different ranges of Ghevar available in the market like Malai Ghewar, Plain Ghevar, Sweet Ghevar, and more. People with different taste preferences can choose from this range.

Where to eat Ghevar in India?

Rajasthan and Haryana are the producers of Ghevar and now it is available almost in every city in India.

Where to buy Ghevar in Hyderabad

There are a lot of sweet shops selling Authentic Rajasthani-style Ghevar like Balaji Ratanlal, Kachiguda, Delhi Mithai Wala, Ameerpet, and more.

Where is Balaji Ratanlal mithai Bhandar?

Balaji Ratanlal Mithai Bhandar has two branches, one branch is located at Kachiguda railway station road while the other branch is located at SD Road Secunderabad

Their Malai Ghewar is just so delicious and always high in demand. They have two branches in the

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