Begum Bazar | Largest Commercial, Shopping & Wholesale Market.

Begum Bazar has become a hotspot for all basic to must-have things one would look to buy for themselves. Just name it and you will find it here. People from around the city visit the tiny lanes here, every single day to explore the busy streets here.

Begum Bazar

What is Begum Bazar famous for?

This place is famous for its large variety of shops that offer goods and commodities at affordable prices when compared to Supermarkets and Online Shopping. We have evaluated a few points for you to understand more facts about this place.

This place is also famous during festivals as it holds a completely different vibe during festivals when compared to other parts of the city. One example of this could be Makar Sankranti where people enjoy flying kites till midnight 3 am.

Largest Commodities market.

Begum Bazar is famous for its commodities market which is said to be Hyderabad’s biggest commodity market. Traders from across the city visit here to purchase commodities and goods for their small businesses.

Begum Bazar kirana market

All types of Kirana and General items are available a wholesale prices at Begum Bazar which attracts the small vendors even more.

Toys and return gifts.

Toys, battery cars, and many other things are manufactured and sold here. People who visit here find good deals on children’s toys and other products as compared to what they get online.

From a newborn to a toddler and to a grown-up kid, you can everything here that you are searching for.

toys and return gifts at Begum Bazar

Vintage Eateries

A lot of famous and vintage eateries out of which few are even 100+ years old and these can be found only here and not in any part of the city.

lassi shops begum bazar

Artificial/Imitation Jewelry

Artificial Jewellery is available at very affordable prices with a huge variety to choose from. Ladies and vendors from various parts of the city visit here to shop for them and also for their business.

Artificial Jewellery Begum Bazar

Utensils market

The largest utensils market in Hyderabad is popularly known as Bartan Bazar. Every household and kitchen needs can be found here. From huge utensils to the tiniest kitchen utensils, you can everything here at a very affordable price.

kitchen uensils at begum bazar

Gift boxes and gift packing

For those who are looking for a variety of gift boxes, gift covers, and customized gift packing, we recommend you visit Begum Bazar and the wide range of gifting options here won’t disappoint you for sure.

Gift packing and gift boxed at begum bazar

Pooja Utensils and Samagri items

This place is also very famous for the pooja samagri goods and other related items sold here. This is a one-stop destination for all types of pooja samagri needs. From god idols to every small thing used during hawan/pooja can be found here at very reasonable prices.

Pooja saman at Begum Bazar

Party props/decoration items

For all those who organize parties at their house frequently we recommend you to visit here for all types of party decoration/props shopping from kids to adults there is a wide range of decoration items offered here.

Party decoration/props shop at begum bazar

Artificial flowers and Home Decor
Artificial flowers at BegumBazar

If you are a person who constantly looks to decorate your house and buy house decoration and improvement products then you need to visit here as there are plenty of shops that offer you a beautiful range of house improvement and decoration items at very reasonable prices.

Home Deocr at begum bazar

Plastic goods and house needs

This place also offers a huge range of plastic goods and household needs. From water bottles to buckets and a lot more everything can be found here.

Plastic shops at begum bazar

What to buy in Begum Bazar?

No matter what one is searching for their search ends here, as this market is capable of offering Gold, Silver, Brass, Clothes, Kitchen Utensils, Bathroom needs, Stationery, Kids’ entertainment and toys, Dry fruits, and Kirana, Home improvement and decoration, etc. Just name it and you’ll find it here and that too at wholesale prices.

Even the most popular Supermarkets and Online platforms fail to compete with the prices offered at Begum Bazar.

  • Rakhi during Raksha Bandhan.
  • Ganesh and Durga Mata idols during Ganesh Chaturthi and Navratri.
  • Kites, Marwadi style delicious malai Ghevar, and other sweets during Makar Sankranti/Pongal.
  • Crackers, diyas, and pooja samagri during Diwali.
  • A wide range of Dates during Ramzan.
  • Colors during Holi and a lot more items.

Must visit places in Begum Bazar

Aziz Plaza: One cannot keep Aziz Plaza out of their list when paying a visit to Begum Bazar. Aziz Plaza has a wide range of shops for their visitors. This place is mostly crowded, so one should avoid traveling by car.

Vintage Eateries: There are a lot of Vintage Eateries that offer a mouth-watering variety of dishes and drinks like Maska, Malai Bun, Authentic Lassi Hot Kesar milk, and a wide variety of pure ghee sweets.

Bartan Bazar: For a variety of kitchen utensils and pooja ghar utensils do visit Bartan Bazar and be assured that all utensils items in your shopping list will be found here.

Fish Market: The place is also very famous for its Fish Market as people in huge numbers walk in to buy their choice of Fish in this market.

Home Decor: People planning to give a new look to their house can visit here, as you can find a lot of Artificial flowers, antiques, and other showpiece items here at very affordable prices.

Ghevar at Begum Bazar

Begum Bazar Location:

Below is the link to Begum Bazar’s main market. Begum Bazar | Largest Commercial, Shopping & Wholesale Market.


Begum Bazar is a very well-known place and a hotspot for its visitors to buy products, Chinese items, toys, home decor, and many other things at very reasonable prices. Once residing in Hyderabad must visit this place to gain more knowledge and new people here. We bet you won’t regret visiting this place.

Tip: If you are good are bargaining then we assure you that there are lot of good deals waiting for you.

Begum Bazar Timings

Shops here are open from 10:00 am in the morning till 11:00 pm.

Which is the nearest metro station for Begum Bazar Hyderabad?

Gandhi Bhavan is the nearest metro stating to Begum Bazar. One can get down at Gandhi Bhavan and book an auto/bike.

Is Sunday Begum Bazar open?

Sunday is a holiday most of the shops will be closed on Sunday, however, there are a few shops that operate on a Sunday till 04:00 pm.

What to buy in Begum Bazar?

Everything on your shopping list can be found in Begum Bazar.

What is Begum Bazar famous for?

Begum Bazar is famous for its Largest/Wholesale commodity market and all the household item shops.

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  1. Awesome!!
    Begum bazar in stop for wide varieties you can even buy sarees lehangas and all traditional related accessories and clothing and what not..🥳

  2. Awesome!!
    Begum bazar is one stop for wide varieties you can even buy sarees lehangas and all traditional related accessories and clothing and what not..🥳


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