Adani Group to Invest 12,400 crores in Telangana

Telangana signs MoU with Adani Group at World Economic Forum in Davos, seals deal worth 12,400 crores.

Adani and Revant Reddy

Adani group enters Telangana with huge Investment

Big news for Telangana! The Adani Group is bringing a whopping INR 12,400 crore investment to the state. They plan to set up a Skilling University covering various subjects.

Gautam Adani, the Chairman of Adani Group, praised Telangana’s friendly business policies under Chief Minister Sri Revanth Reddy.

At a key meeting in Davos, Chief Minister Sri Revanth Reddy, Minister Sri Sridhar Babu, and Adani Group Chairman Gautam Adani, along with Aerospace and Defence CEO Ashrajvanshi, signed four important agreements. These agreements mean investments of ₹12,400 crore will flow into Telangana in the coming years, bringing a boost to the state’s economy and development.

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Investments Lined up for Telangana

Web Werks to Invest 5,200 crores in Telangana

Web Werks, a subsidiary of Iron Mountain, is injecting a substantial INR 5,200 crore investment into establishing cutting-edge data centers in Telangana. A portion of this, INR 1,200 crore, is actively fueling the creation of a robust 10 MW data center in Hyderabad.

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This financial commitment doesn’t halt there. Web Werks is gearing up for an expansive move, earmarking over INR 4,000 crore for the development of a greenfield Hyperscale Data Center in Telangana over the next few years.

Chief Minister Sri A. Revanth Reddy enthusiastically welcomes this influx of capital and advanced IT infrastructure, expressing optimism about Telangana’s ascent as the premier destination for Data Centers in India through strategic policy adjustments. This strategic investment aligns with the state’s digital evolution, propelling Telangana to the forefront of data-driven innovation and infrastructure.

GodrejGroup expresses interest in making major investments in Telangana

The vibrant canvas of Telangana’s economic landscape is set to welcome major investments from the esteemed GodrejGroup.

Already a pivotal contributor to the state’s oil palm mission, Godrej is embarking on a monumental journey. Their canvas includes the establishment of one of India’s largest integrated oil palm processing complexes, a colossal venture with an initial investment of INR 270 crore, strategically located in the Khammam district.

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In a recent strategic maneuver, Godrej has inked a joint venture with the Malaysian oil palm giant, Sime Darby. This collaboration brings forth ambitious plans, notably the inception of India’s maiden commercial oil palm seed garden, an innovative initiative poised to take root in Khammam, Telangana.

The intricate tapestry of Godrej’s engagement in Telangana not only deepens its roots in the oil palm mission but also heralds a new chapter in collaborative endeavors, promising advancements that resonate not just locally, but on the broader canvas of India’s economic narrative.

GODI India Private Limited to Invest 8000/- crores in Telangana

Telangana is gearing up to embrace cutting-edge technology with open arms as GODI India Private Limited announces a groundbreaking investment of INR 8,000 crore. This substantial capital injection is earmarked for the establishment of a Lithium Giga Factory, an ambitious venture that will catapult the state into the forefront of 12.5 GWh cell manufacturing.

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The economic ripple effect is profound, with expectations to generate over 6,000 new job opportunities within the next five years. This transformative announcement unfolded as Chief Minister Sri A. Revanth Reddy, in tandem with Sri Mahesh Godi, Founder & CEO of GODI India Private Limited, unveiled the ambitious plan.

The intricate details of this plan encompass the setup of a 12.5 GWh cell manufacturing facility, coupled with investments dedicated to Lithium and Sodium Ion technologies. This colossal venture includes a significant focus on Research and Development (R&D), underlining a commitment to pioneering advancements in the field.

The timeline for this technological marvel spans five years, promising not just economic growth but also positioning Telangana as a hub for cutting-edge technologies. The partnership between the state and GODI India Private Limited signifies a strategic alignment towards a future marked by innovation, economic prosperity, and a surge in employment opportunities.

JSW Energy to Invest 9000 crores in Telangana

JSWEnergy is investing a whopping INR 9,000 crore to set up a Pumped Storage Project. This game-changing project by JSW Neo Energy, a part of JSW Energy, promises to reshape the energy scene in the state.

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The official deal was made with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the State Government of Telangana and JSW Neo Energy at the World Economic Forum meeting.

This investment isn’t just about money; it’s a commitment to bring new and better energy solutions to Telangana. The state is gearing up for a brighter energy future with this substantial investment.

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