Badrinath Temple in Hyderabad | Location, Timings, and more.

Construction and Inaugration.

Dakshin k Badrinath or Badrinath Temple also popularly known as Badrivishal Dham Temple in Telangana is located 40 km away from the city. The Base on the Temple was kept in 2017-18 and the construction was bought to finish in 2023.

This Temple was constructed by Uttarakhand Kalyankaro Sanstha a registered society by people of Uttarakhand now residing in Hyderabad. The temple was inaugurated and opened for all the devotees on 29th June 2023.

The design of this Temple is a replica of the Actual Badrinath Temple which is located in Uttarakhand, hence it is also called Dakshin k Badrinath. The temple is constructed on 6,750 square feet of land and stands 50 feet tall, the same as the temple in Badrinath Uttarakhand.

The temple’s first floor has idols of lord Ganesh, Kuber, Balram, Goddess Lakshmi, Nar-Narayan, Narada, and Garuda. Separate temples have been built for lord Ganesh, Goddess Lakshmi, and the Navagrahas.

Badrinath temple Hyderabad

Comparison with Actual Badrinath Temple.

The Idols inside the Temple are placed exactly the way it is placed in Badrinath Temple Uttarakhand.
The sole purpose for building this Temple was for the southern people who for some reason could not visit the actual Temple which is located in the Northern part of India.

This Temple in Telangana gives its devotees the feel of the Actual Temple as the structure of the Temple and the Idols inside the Temple are exact replicas of the Original Badrinath Temple.

Badrinath Temple Hyderabad

Facts of Badrinath Temple Hyderabad

The Interesting fact about this temple in Telangana is there is an “Akhand Jyothi” inside the main Temple which was brought from the original Badrinath Temple Uttarakhand and since then this Jyothi has been placed inside this temple.

The Maharaj ji of the temple states this Jyothi has the blessing of Sri Badrinath ji from the original Temple and people who cannot visit the actual Temple can come here and have the same vibes and blessing as visiting the actual Temple.

Badrinath Temple Timings and Entry Fee

The Temple is open for the devotees from Morning 7 am to Afternoon 1 pm and Evening 4 pm to 8 pm IST. There is no entry fee at this Temple and the doors of the temple are always open for its devotees.

Badrinath’s upcoming projects and Donations:

There is a lot of development pending as we got to know from the Maharaj ji of his Temple. The temple authorities have proposed to build a Hall for the devotees visiting this Temple. Devotees will be served Prasad/Food inside this hall and the Temple authorities urge all the devotees to contribute as per their ability and willingness.

There is also a Gau Shala to be built here at the backside of the Temple in the coming years so anyone who wishes to contribute to the same can contact the Temple authorities directly.

There are scanner labels placed on the walls of Temple premises, so the one who wishes to donate can directly scan and donate to the Temple when visiting here.

Badrinath temple Location

Plot No. 33/34, Sai Baba Enclave, GPR Housing Venture, Banda Mailaram, Mulug, Telangana 502336.

Below is the location link to the Temple in Hyderabad.

Visiting tips:

The temple is overcrowded during festivals so do plan your visit to the temple accordingly. Also, carry an umbrella/hat to use when standing in the queue, as there are no shades built yet.

How to reach Badrinath Temple Hyderabad

Traveling by your own vehicle will be our advice as the temple is a bit too far from the main road, so traveling by your own car/bike will help you reach the temple without any difficulties.

Special attraction at Badrinath Temple Hyderabad

If you want to have a truly devotional feel when visiting the temple, we recommend you to visit during any Hindu festival as the Temple will be decorated on special occasions and you will be able to notice large public gatherings.

In which city is Badrinath Temple?

The actual Badrinath Temple is located in Uttarakhand, the northern part of India.

Is there any entry fee for Badrinath Temple?

There is no entry fee charged at the Badrinath Temple Hyderabad.

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