Hookah Parlors banned in Hyderabad.

The Telangana Legislative Assembly on Monday passed a bill banning Hookah Parlours in Hyderabad, under The Cigarettes and Other Tabacco Products Act of 2003.

Mr. D. Sridhar Babu, on behalf of Chief Minister A. Revanth Reddy on Monday moved cigarettes and other tobacco products (prohibition of advertisement and regulation of trade and commerce, production, supply, and distribution).

Hookah Parlours Ban in Hyderabad

Mr. Babu further added that the government felt an immediate need to ban hookah parlors after looking at the youngsters and college students getting more addicted to hookah and tobacco and the parlors taking advantage of it by offering them varieties of hookah flavors and designer Hookah pots.

Since charcoal is used in Hookah smoke contains carbon monoxide, heavy metals, and cancer-causing chemicals called carcinogens. The smoke is harmful to both hookah smokers and passive smokers.

The Bill is passed in the Assembly which will Ban Hookah Parlours across the state with immediate effect.

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