Chullu bhar pani

Natasha Virdi:

It is not a new story, it’s a true story!

We are aware that a lot of places do not get sufficient water to aid people to live a normal life forget about a comfortable life. If bad becomes worst, there would come a day when many would not be able to ‘afford’ water. Although water is seen in abundance on Earth only a small portion is fresh water and only 1% of that is accessible for human use. We cannot deny the fact that our water crisis is looming and in order to help preserve and conserve water we need to support erecting rain-harvesting pits.

What are rain-harvesting pits?

It isn’t a new concept in India it evolved centuries ago but gained momentum a few years back. Rainwater harvesting is a conscious attempt to accumulate and deposit rainwater for reuse for domestic and irrigation purposes.

Apart from just accumulation and reuse it helps the environment by raising the groundwater table, reducing soil erosion and conserving water.

Rooftop rainwater harvesting is effective and cost effective too. In this method the water is collected from the roof of a building and stored in a tank or diverted to a recharge system.

Hyderabad Metropolitan water supply and sewage board (HMWSSB) beseeches our cooperation to implement rainwater pits. This board has offered applications from the interested residential welfare associations to conduct awareness programs to construct Rain Harvesting or conservation structures on their own cost in their premises. The government has made it mandate to construct rainwater harvesting pits in all buildings where the plot area is more than 200 sq.mts just to protect and improve groundwater.

For further information, contact: HMWSSB Customer Care: 155313

“When the well’s dry we know the worth of water”

Benjamin Franklin

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