Explore the rich legacy of the Khairatabad Ganesh festival, deeply embedded in Hyderabad's culture since 1954.

First ever Khairatabad Ganesh idol was made in 1954 which was 1 foot tall! 

Since 1954 the organizers decided to increase the height by 1 Foot every year.

Khairatabad Ganesh has become pride of Hyderabad, since it attracts lakhs of devotees from various parts of the country.

Discover the jaw-dropping expenses involved in crafting and erecting the idol, sometimes amounting to millions of rupees. 

Khairatabad Ganesh is set to break all its previous records as this year's idol will be standing 63-feet tall. 

Every year more than 500kgs of Laddu is being offered to Lord Ganesh at Khairatabad 

Lakhs of Devotees from various parts of the country and state gather to witness the Idol

First Khairatabad Ganesh Idol, cost, and Interesting story behind laddu