Why crack your nut when you have Walnut?


Natasha Virdi:

Money without financial intelligence is money soon gone. I know it sounds aristocratic but the fact is, it only ‘sounds posh’. If I rephrase that sentence in layman’s terms it plainly means hold on to your money.

The first step towards a healthy pocket is to know where your money is going, now  that’s being financially aware. The next step is to hold onto your money. This is challenging but you gotta do what you gotta do!

I have no intention to enlighten or bore you with cash flow patterns or rules to bust out the money game. I present to you Walnut, a money manager app that will let you know your financial standing.

Once you download the app it works like magic. You’d have to link your phone number, it smartly scans all your messages allowing you to categorize each expense.

The best part is you don’t have to connect it to your bank or anything.

It analyzes the SMS alert you get from your bank every time you make a transaction. It gives meaning to the old transaction alert messages in your phone by creating a timeline out of them,which you can categorize later. Is that awesome or what?

What’s in for you?

It eliminates manual calculation for any of your expenses

It does not ask for any bank data, does not read personal messages and it does not need Internet to check your account or alter transactions.

You can categorize each expense and adding any specific notes.

You can split bills with your friends.

You can set bill reminders.

You can create a cut off for your expenditure every month.

You should check out their blog, it has useful posts that can refine your monetary skills and knowledge.

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Currently only available on Android. But there are other alternatives for iOS and windows that are similar to walnut.

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