Welcome to Bawarchi-land

Sneha Moorjani:

The moment you step in Hyderabad, you realize that you are surrounded by Bawarchis. There’s at least one Bawarchi for every postal code, I don’t even need to exaggerate because that’s how it is. Well, I am not talking about the cooks, but “Bawarchi “ the famous UNCHAINED restaurants in our city.

If we had to combine all the Bawarchis in our city they would surely outnumber the other restaurants. They have loads of Allotropes just like that of Carbon.

Well, it all started when one single restaurant called “Bawarchi” situated at RTC x roads made the yummiest Biryani. Everyone wanted to duplicate that biryani and why not replicate the name as well? Just like how Dosas can never go wrong from a restaurant called Udippi or Balaji. (I know I am stereotyping).

So yeah, this is the original Bawarchi:

original bawarchi

The INSPIRED versions are too many Green Bawarchi, Hyderabad Bawarchi, Airport Bawarchi and on and on. Well, if you can’t find new names, you can always find nouveau names!!

You see the “Green” is only prominent in this sentence and not on the hoarding.

What the difference between these two?

green bawarchi

new green bawarchi






Green Bawarchi vs New Green Bawarchi

I have spelled it wrong all my life! Look at this!


Now this one’s smart, they claim to be the “real” ones.

real bawarchi







PS: You don’t have to spot the fake and not so fake ones. Most Bawarchis/ Bavarchis serve great food. 

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