The Royal Dessert

Sneha Moorjani:

It was one rainy evening in June around a year back whenI was going through the list of top

10 Mithai shops in Hyderabad. I can say I had a good share of sweets because

surprisingly or not I tasted sweets from all but one.  The name was enough to convince me to visit the place, I was certain I would get all the un-hyped Muslim specialties right then.

Hameedi Confectioners is what i’m referring to. Too bad it doesn’t sound familiar.

But then WAIT, something more intense happened.

I googled the address and realized it was only 5 min away from my place, the first

Confectionery in Hyderabad just next door. How can I not know this place? As

humble as I’d like to sound the fact is that I am a self-proclaimed Food-Expert. My

friends and family vouch for my opinion and they always consult my expertise. So,

yeah I decided to visit Hameedi right away.

It is a modest shop with no evident banners., the hoarding is old and worn off.

When I entered I actually doubted if I got in the right place? My eyes then fell on

the wall which displayed a letter signed by the Nizam. I then knew this non royal

place was the Royals Favorite place.

Quick Facts:

It’s more than a Hundred years old and this shop was established by a 15-year- old

boy, Mohammed Hussain in the year 1915.

This was the first Confectionary in Hyderabad, initially named “Shirneeghar” but

later it was named after the Nizams first son “Hameedi”.

All the Nizams bought sweets from this shop for all their grand occasions and

even distributed its delicacies as gifts to the other Kingdoms.


The one and only Jauzi Halwa

This delicacy brings out the best flavor of Jauzi aka Nutmeg. The Halwa consists of

Ghee, Broken wheat, Dry fruits, Milk solids and Nutmeg slow cooked for more

than eight hours. It is nothing like all the halwas I have ever had. The flavor of

the nutmeg kinda hits you. Surely it had to get the kings sweet attention. This

gave me a whole new benchmark in confectioneries.


So do try out this delicacy to get your taste buds to feel this royal delicacy!!

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