The eloping temple – Yadagirigutta


Natasha Virdi:

This well-connected temple is about 60 kms away from Hyderabad. And as the title suggests, it is a knot-tying hub for all hopeless lovers. It is a lifetime wish for several couples to marry in this sacred space.

Marriage is glorified but eloping newlyweds are belittled. I highly regard elopers because they are the ones that define adventure. Don’t you think eloping cases are so exciting and so so dramatic? After all who doesn’t like drama? But but but… One great man once said “the fun lies in the chase” so I know not of any repercussions.

All joking aside.

I coined this place ‘the eloping temple’ because of a great love story that was narrated to me a few years back. I done my R&D and concluded that there have been several such reports of hopeless lovers exchanging vows in this sacred cave sanctum.

I will include that story for your amusement and especially for all those who would kill for romantic stuff. Beautiful ABC and Handsome XYZ were inseparable lovers they couldn’t wait to commit to each other forever and make cute babies. All babies are cute just FYI. ABC packed extra food on the E-Day and when she was questioned she said it was potluck. The duo had their tummy full before they completed the holy matrimonial rites; they hired a bogus person to sign off as a witness.

Unlike the typical soapy stuff where the groom and bride return home hand in hand shocking everyone and then the episode ends… They didn’t return they fled away. Her worried family filed an FIR, so filmy I tell you. I think real live cases inspire movies and its not the other way round. They moved out of the state and survived for a few days happily until beautiful ABC was homesick. They returned home after 10 weeks when her parents finally approved of their disgraced act. Like they have a choice right? So what next? They married once again and made ‘cute’ babies.

The walls of these temples have heard and seen countless declarations of love in the form of marriages. If only they could speak I would release multiple volumes of ‘The hillock marriages’.

Keep calm and marry in yadagiri!



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