• Biryani
  • Welcome to Bawarchi-land

    Sneha Moorjani: The moment you step in Hyderabad, you realize that you are surrounded by Bawarchis. There’s at least one Bawarchi for every postal code, I don’t even need to exaggerate because that’s how it is. Well, I am not talking about the cooks, but “Bawarchi “ the famous UNCHAINED restaurants in our city. If […]

  • Safe & Smart
  • Salted or Peppered?

    Natasha Virdi: There have been so many cases reporting incidents of physical abuse against women all over the world. The scariest part is imagining the number that has never been reported. The truth is, it is impossible to agree on a single source for the cause of sexual violence. We all would agree that this […]

  • Trends In Hyderabad
  • Zinda Tilismath

    Sneha Moorjani: Agar Zinda Tilismath pe zinda ho,  Tho Hyderabadi ho tum!  Agar apni khala ko states mai dozen bhar ZT bhejte,  Tho Hyderabadi ho tum.  Agar daactarr ko nai jakaar ZM peetai,  Tho Hyderabadi ho Tum. It’s a terrific drug aka our own Sanjeevni Booti, for which the hanuman was Mohammed Moizuddin Farooqui. Not that […]

  • History
  • Hyderabad, Why You be So Royal?

    Natasha Virdi: Magnificent palaces, Extravagant chandeliers, Wonderful fountains, Spectacular wardrobes, Bejeweled clothing, Treasuries that brimmed with spotless pearls, flawless diamonds and precious stones. This was a glimpse of the Histrionic Vicinity of Hyderabad. Hyderabad is a city with a history so good that it reads like a novel and a past that will rendezvous with you forever. When you […]