Street Food – The saviour of Human Race

Natasha Virdi:

Food is exciting but street food is excitement ka baap.

Picture this – the best of all worlds in one single lane. Northern delicacies, southern specialities and continental twist all available on the street to satiate your hunger.


Wich Please

Are you a bread person? Are you obsessed with breads?

Some people can live on bread all their life and never complain. That’s only because of its versatility, people can mold it into anything or use add-ons to jazz it up for a quick bite.

We tried the ‘Wich Please Special’ and ‘Chocolate Grilled Wich’, they weren’t spectacular in taste but sufficient to kill those hunger witches. We would give it a 5 star for its presentation because it “looked” tastier and their packages had humorous one-liners making it all the more appealing.

It is a small stall (the size of an office cubicle) that is handled by the Wich Wizard all by himself. It has 30 odd vegetarian sandwiches and the best part Wich Pleaseis they undertake home delivery.


Wich please sanwich







Sardarji’s dhaba

Delicious, Value for money & Delhi in your belly

This isn’t close to any traditional dhaba you generally visit. It is in the heart of Cybercity without any seating arrangements or lawn. The place is always crowded because of its quality food. This can be ranked one of the best places in Hyderabad to satisfy those North Indian taste buds.

The chole bhature would make you feel like you are in Delhi or some place up North until those hunger pangs have settled bringing you back to reality. The chole melts as you wrap it with bhature even before it goes into your mouth, it’s perfectly cooked without any layer of oil or masalas floating. The bhature are big enough to keep your tummy happy for the next 3 hours. And the paneer is made fresh without any preservatives.

The chole bhature and paneer tikka are a ‘must try’.

Chole BhatureChole bhature

You can snack on some yummy chaat too.

Dahi wada


I talk Dosa I walk Dosa and I eat Dosa

All North-Indians love Dosa, all south-Indians love Dosa and all Indian love Dosa.

Whether it’s just a plain or a fancy one we all swear by it. Every lane has one Dosa joint and if not you find stores that sell its batter. Over the years this is one food item that has evolved immensely and not yet fully.

We tried the teen-maar Dosa, it is supposedly the best because it has it all Veggies, Cheese, butter, paneer and sauces. It is an art to make such melt in the mouth items. We thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it and we vow to visit the place again to try out its other creative dosa recipes.

You find these dosa-mobile-wagons on the street bringing you the best on four wheels.


Dosa    dosa

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