Screwed? Blued? Tattooed?  

Natasha Virdi

A lot of people get inked for numerous reasons so I took a survey to figure out the trends that Hyderabadi’s follow when getting emblemed. Well, it was an uberflop because all their tattoos were subjective.

The top reason people get tattooed:

To pay tribute to a lost loved one:

I have a friend who tattooed his brother’s name on his right arm; he had the ashes of his deceased brother poured into the tattoo ink and then injected into his skin. Deep.

To distinguish their identity:

I have also seen a lot of people tattooing their sun sign or their most revered God or just a character/text that they associate with

Romantic reasons:

This is funny. A lot of people tattoo their lovers name, initial or birthday. My friend Pandey, had his best friends name tattooed on his arm. He claimed they shared a deep deep connection almost like soul mates. Indeed it was deep cause she tied him a Rakhi for Raksha bandhan a few years back. Before he could flaunt it to her he had to fill it in making it some weird design now.


Tattoo gangs:

Quite a few people associate with groups and gangs to identify themselves as a community parading their beliefs. I remember a time when I wanted a plain perfect circle tattoo to join this particular tribe. For me it meant quite a few things, first – everything is connected, second – the karmic wheel of life and lastly – no beginning and no end. Simple yet symbolic but then I will never ever get one, why? Well, that’s another story.


It may be perspectives but come on who wants a tattoo to show off what you believe in or practice. I feel people get tattooed to feel significant in the world, to bring attention to them by making them feel significant or smarter or cooler or swaggier.


I bet there’s a truck full of reasons to get inked, however, some don’t ever need a reason. What’s your reason?


The tattoo you don’t remember getting: 

Those drunken days, those long lost dares and that regretting phase

Everything seems just, fantastic.

Here are some EPIC tattoo fails for your amusement



Best way to live yes, “No Regert”,

That’s what happens when you use too much Auto correct.



It’s a bad idea to let your friend who’s an aspiring tattoo artist to ink you without practice. That tattoo would have been deep, if it were your kids first drawing.

But the Rex looks like the boss. So, it’s a keeper.




You should definitely own yourself, but if B.O is one of them. Don’t get a freakkin onion tattooed under your armpit. It’s just…. What ??



I love how he didn’t go for laser removal. He owned his past.





This tattoo shows you how important commas are. This is what happens when you never give up, being stupid.




The continuation for this masterpiece should be “Never procrastinate proof reading, ever”





I don’t know what “be life” means what if it makes things real, then I’m game.



Tell us what you see. What was supposed to be a heartwarming image of a baby smiling in his sleep. Looks more like laughing Buddha taking a nap.






-Tare Zameen Par. She loved glitter so much that she made it permanent on her face.



Untitled 4


I guess she really wanted to save up on threading her brows. Oh well. GRAND SUCCESS


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