Paperwork For Romance

Raj Reddy:

All’s fair in love and war!

It is natural to fall in and out of love but only if you are the one falling in love again. Who likes to be the scapegoat? Who wants to be lovewrecked?

Like they always say it’s better to be safe than have someone create a ton full of havoc wrecking down your world.

This is some handy paperwork before you waste your time dealing with manipulative people. So, to ensure that your relationship stays meaningful.

1.Both the parties entering into the agreement have to agree to be loyal physically and mentally. Till the bond has been terminated.

2.The internal issues of the relationship are to be set private within the confines of the two parties acknowledgement. Involvement of a 3rd party will be taken as violating the sanctity of the relationship.

3.The social status of a relationship can only be kept private not more than 6 months from the time of the agreement. After the period the relationship has to be either publically accepted or terminated. The party requesting the start up privacy cannot terminate the bond without the consent of the other party within the initial 6 months.

Although if mutually consensual the parties may keep the bond private.

4.Incase of a conflict the couple have to sort the problem out themselves by communicating with each other with constructive criticism. The problem would have to be sorted out within a week of its diagnosis. Or the couple could resort to a mutual agreement for termination of the bond.

5.The termination of this agreement has to be mutually agreed upon by both the parties, unless one or more of the conditions have been violated, which would give the victim party the power to terminate the bond single-handedly.

6.Reason or reasons for a request of termination has to be submitted formally to the other party directly. The other party may take time up to 2 weeks to reflect and file a response.

7.Honesty is mandatory

8.There is no law whatsoever which states that either party involved in this agreement has to support the other party financially. Unless the support is provided voluntarily.

Any pressure from either party for financial support will be considered violation of the conduct.

9.All arguments in the future would have to be accompanied with substantial proof for them to be taken into the consideration.

-By signing this bond you are agreeing to abide by the conditions mentioned above.



(Submit: Passport size photo, Address Proof & Identity Proof along with this document)


Party 1:                                                                                            Party 2:




Feel free to add a  few clauses in the comment section. Let’s make this thing work




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