• Trends In Hyderabad
  • Zinda Tilismath

    Sneha Moorjani: Agar Zinda Tilismath pe zinda ho,  Tho Hyderabadi ho tum!  Agar apni khala ko states mai dozen bhar ZT bhejte,  Tho Hyderabadi ho tum.  Agar daactarr ko nai jakaar ZM peetai,  Tho Hyderabadi ho Tum. It’s a terrific drug aka our own Sanjeevni Booti, for which the hanuman was Mohammed Moizuddin Farooqui. Not that […]

  • Food
  • A Checklist For Every Bachelors Fridge

    Sneha Moorjani: In my opinion “Bachelor’s Fridge” isn’t an electronic appliance but a condition that singles suffer from. Picture this: You had a hectic day at work, you wage war against the traffic to get home, then you get drunk and finally hit the bed with your socks on. You wake up because your stomach is grumbling and […]

  • Trends In Hyderabad
  • Activa, oh so active!

    Natasha Virdi: Bikers everywhere all day everyday! Where do they come from? Don’t you feel some days that all these bikers seem like butterflies metamorphosed to hungry-caterpillars eating up all our space and time? Every household has one non-living member and without it the family is incomplete. Vespa, Bajaj, Bullet, KTM, Yamahas and every other motorbike on […]

  • History
  • Hyderabad, Why You be So Royal?

    Natasha Virdi: Magnificent palaces, Extravagant chandeliers, Wonderful fountains, Spectacular wardrobes, Bejeweled clothing, Treasuries that brimmed with spotless pearls, flawless diamonds and precious stones. This was a glimpse of the Histrionic Vicinity of Hyderabad. Hyderabad is a city with a history so good that it reads like a novel and a past that will rendezvous with you forever. When you […]

  • Food
  • God bless the Irani’s

    Sneha Moorjani: This is not just a Tea; it is a ‘caffeinated-beverage-dessert’ that doesn’t give you wings to fly but it does give you a kick to satisfy your sweet-tooth cravings. THE ENCOUNTER: My unforgettable encounter was ages back when I was returning from Ramoji Film city with my cousins. I was ten back then and […]

  • Bwahahaha
  • Oh So Baigan

    Natasha Virdi:   Baigan rules back to the beginning of time when Adam ate the forbidden fruit and Eve was held guilty for luring him to do so. God was angry with the both of them and in order to vent out his hot anger he picked up whatever he found and chucked it miles apart. It […]