Oh So Baigan

Natasha Virdi:


Baigan rules back to the beginning of time when Adam ate the forbidden fruit and Eve was held guilty for luring him to do so. God was angry with the both of them and in order to vent out his hot anger he picked up whatever he found and chucked it miles apart. It turned out to be a Baigan and that landed straight in Hyderabad.

You find it everywhere in Hyderabad, you can use it to express any emotion good or bad, you use it as fillers and you even prepare the famous bagara baigan, the perfect combo for your biryani.

Baigan is known for its multipurpose use, it has become an integral part of Hyderabadi tradition and is passed on to every offspring with due respect. 

For those of you who know what a Baigan is I salute you and those that do not, I want you to up your imagination like a wild dog chasing a leopard. And if you still cannot figure it out go fetch a Hyderabadi.

This is the very famous Baigan





One more glance at another Baigan



Two More




Ise kehte hai Baigan ke baata.

Nuff said!

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