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Raj Reddy

Cinema is a world of imagination and its primeval function is to escape from the clutches of real live mediocrity and embrace the imaginary plane of possibilities. It has influenced every culture centuries ago right from its inception.

This industry exists because of one principle, empathy. Actors strap themselves into different roles creating enamored sequences shaping our current state of living. And for the major lot who struggle to realize this fantasy, they end up burying their hopeless dream. Those few brave incorrigible souls who set out to make a movie enduring till the very end and foxing out all the criticism, those my friends are the ones who evolve as charmers.

The Cinematic Industry presents to you people from the ends of the world battling to keep their heads high over the waters. There’s one guy who wants to scribe his masterpiece in oak leaves with a quill made out of diamonds and then there’s another guy who hires a couple of his trusted sidekicks (hovering over him as if he were James Bond) only for the lack of a specialized script writer. Then there’s the final set who find people who are willing to sing chorus to their lead and right when they’re about to film their masterpiece at a fancy resort or with a cox and kings vacation plan they are faced with one final impediment, one final missing piece to crack the puzzle.

The coupon from God to redeem all your dreams to reality

“El Producer”

We have classified all the producers in grades for your convenience

Grade A Producers are the ones who love doing movies, they’re successful, passionate and accomplished. They are meant to do what they do because they excel at it. We call them the Alpha of Cinemas. Because they are so successful, their schedules are usually full for a couple of years at least. Now, directors who have that kind of patience might get lucky, but it’ll take a minimum of 2-3 years if not more to work these giants.

Grade B Producers can be sub-classified because this is a major sector.

Type 1’s- are the wealthy ones that want to produce a movie only on one clause ’they want to star in it’.

Type 2’s – are the one that makes it mandate for their son to feature as the Hero.

Type 3’s – are those people who give approximately a thousand auditions and are those who are prepared to enter as a 50% producer only to fathom their long-term dream of stardom.

Grade C, the final kind are what we call the unicorn producers

These are the experimental types, they venture out for fresh talent and technicians. These are the ones who have the money and don’t lie, they are driven by the curiosity and not diabolic intention.

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