King’s Cookie- Osmania Biscuits

1 Sneha Moorjani

All great things in the world start small and so did this Hyderabadi cookie. Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting you the “Osmania Biscuits” (Or “Osmania Biscitaa!!”)


Teatime in Hyderabad is incomplete without these biscuits.

And NOW These little clusters went International. Treasured by people all around the globe, who’d rather lose their expensive chocolates than lose these at the Immigration check.

If you have never eaten these little bundles of sheer joy, trust me you’ll thank me for bringing royalty to your palates. and later hate me when you put on that extra weight, Because You SURE WILL get addicted to these.

“No one can have just one” *Ton Ton* – is the perfect subtitle for these cookies, carefully crafted to bring the salt and sugar to your life in the most elegant way possible.

So let’s just get started with the History, the Ingredients and the places to get the BEST OB’s in the town.

Snare Roll

Yes, you read it right. These dudes do have a history. It all started when the seventh Nawab Mir Osman Ali asked a famous bakery in Abids called Vicaji, to customize their biscuits. He wanted the biscuits to be salty with a hint of sugar and Voila “THE OSMANIA”, it was named in the honor of the Nawab. All thanks to him and his taste buds. I can never imagine eating Parle-G (NO offense meant, I like them too) along with my evening chai, like the rest of India. What added to its fame was the Osmania Hospital USED to serve these biscuits to their patients as an instant energy booster. One reason to get admitted!!

Coming to what goes into it, it is the flour (Our very own Maida), Salt, Sugar, Milk Solids, Butter and loads of Butter! (Maskaa Marke!) 

BEST PLACES (Prioritized!)

  1. Subhan: The best Osmania Biscuits are of “Subhan Bakery” at Nampally. These biscuits are totally mouth melting and buttery. The salt has a dominant and distinct flavor. Trust me, if you are one of those persons who likes to dip their cookie in tea, you got to keep your fingers crossed or be really quick after the dive they might just fall apart!!

This bakery produces more than a ton of biscuits every day and they are shipped to most of the parts in India. If you live in Hyderabad I would suggest you to grab them early in the morning at the bakery around eight. Nothing can beat the freshly baked and warm biscuits.

Phone: 093482 57788

Website :

They don’t have any branches!! However, you get these biscuits in all the top supermarkets like Ratnadeep, Spencer’s, Balaji Grand Bazar and more.

  1. Karachi: This bakery has earned all its fame for the fruit biscuits but the Osmania’s are no less. They truly are delightful. These have the short bread kind of crunch and are not as soft as the one’s from the Subhan. You can surely dip them in your tea and they wont give up

Address: Google it! They have several branches.


There are two types of people in Hyderabad, the one’s who like Osmania’s from Karachi and the one’s from Subhan, I fall under the latter! I wish the Nawab was here to decide

  1. Niloufer: This is an underrated Irani café for the biscuits. The biscuits are comparatively cheap without much compromise on the taste. They are little less buttery, which adds on to the crunch. They are a treat for the non-salt lovers as it is well balanced.

Phone:084668 68670

Statuary Warning:

Osmania Biscuits are only available in Hyderabad only. You might find cheap replicas called butter biscuits but that’s what they are. Cheap replicas. And That’s what the Nawab asked you to stay away from.

So if you want the royalty melting in your mouth, come get it.

I hope you enjoy a Nawabi Chai time now


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