Is C.A the new B.Tech?


Natasha Virdi:

Engineering is the most sort after career in Hyderabad.


Oh wait…





Let me get my facts straight…





That is the case all over India…


Here’s an astonishing fact – There are hundreds of Engineering colleges in Hyderabad when compared to other streams, so much so that several seats remain vacant.

In Hyderabad, if you’d line up random people and ask them to spill out their qualification, every 10th person would proudly shout out Engineering.

Most of the high school pass outs are faced with this dilemma CA ya Engineering. I know a friend who is pursuing his career in chartered accountancy after completing his Engineering.

Poor chap.

Now that we have truckloads of information within a click’s reach we still find a good bunch of young, helpless and jobless graduates.

I am not referring to those who made a  conscious choice to be Engineers in its true sense, I am emphasizing on the majority who struggle with this poor choice.

A few years back I read an article on The Economic Times that stated how majority of the Engineering graduates are NOT ‘employable’. Like seriously? Not employable?

Well, if we’d dig deep into the minds of unhappy Engineers we’d conclude

  1. The colleges follow outdated learning strategies
  2. The faculty could suck, big time
  3. The only focus of the colleges, parents and students here in India is primarily the marks.

So it’s safe to state that the problem here lies in the education system. It is all theoretical while real Engineers are problem solvers and not mark-hoggers. The real challenge is, when they get past their education they are faced with bad career matching. The undeniable failure factor is ‘lack of interest’. Because Society labels Engineering as a noble career students who lack interest are still pressurized for a-z reasons to take it up.


We have observed a trend in students opting for Chartered Accountancy over Engineering. It is impractical to compare these two streams because that would be like comparing apples with oranges.

The only reason students are scared to opt for engineering now is the rampant unemployment. CA has its own plus and minuses but stats confirm that it’s a far better bet than Engineering.

My friend comments on his decision to peruse C.A – “Getting in is a cakewalk but the real challenge is passing out”. Not everyone who starts this journey reaches the end. It’s one’s persistence that pays off as this is one uncertain course. Once you are a CA you are sure to get a job. Most/all of the Chartered Accountants are employed and some have even set up their own practice.

Any profession noble or not scales down to one major element ‘Interest in the subject’. If your interest, dedication and determination is cent percent powered then the bumpy ride will turn to smooth sailing.













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