Hyderabad Why you be so hot?

Natasha Virdi:

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

We understand that Hyderabad is a hot city we really do. I am not talking about the hot people on Instagram, I am referring to the constellation of hot Hyderabadis right here.

You know that I am joking right?

Recalling the hottest day this year – it was so hot that I wasn’t sure if my hair was still wet from a shower or from sweating. All that I do right now is wait to complain about how cold it is.

While we are still struggling with fans and coolers this year there are some creative geniuses that have taken the heat literally. Have you ever tried a solar powered omelette?

Here’s a woman who laid battered eggs on the floor and voila we have a well-done omelette. What else could you expect at 43 degrees?

heatwave hydWell, she wasn’t the only one completing the solar experiment, another man stood right in front of Charminar heating the pan to fry some eggs. He was successful because the eggs were edible.







I am worried, as if there weren’t enough solar panels sucking up all the sun’s energy now I hear this. We are all going to die if we continue draining out the Sun’s energy. Do you know what it’d be when my predictions manifest? The dark night rises forever.


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