Hyderabad at the Zenith of its glory!


Natasha Virdi:

June 2nd 2016 marked the second anniversary of Telangana state formation. On this occasion the chief minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao hoisted the biggest and tallest tiranga in Hyderabad’s Sanjeevaiah Park overlooking the still Hussain Sagar Lake.

This second year anniversary was a grand affair, all roads were decorated and the state heritage monuments were lit up colorfully.

While several Engineers and officials waited anxiously for this moment to pass effortlessly, hundreds of phones rose high to capture this spectacular moment.

This gigantic flag is the biggest in India weighing over 65 kilos. It is estimated 3 crore for both the flagpole and the knitted polyester flag that was ordered from the same company that made the largest flag in Ranchi.

It is a delightful experience watching our National flag flutter that high, it instills a sense of patriotism whenever one passes by and it is undoubtedly another add on to our Hyderabad heritage.

A symbol of pride for every Hyderabadi.

Jai Telangana!

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