Fingerology- Middle finger call outs & more

Natasha Virdi:


Everyone has them but no one glorifies them.

We have been ungrateful to these pint-sized powerhouses, so very ungrateful that sometimes they get invisible to the naked eye. These small yet mighty things have a profound role in everything that we do.

These ever-present babies are the very foundation of palmistry.

After majoring in Palm-study for 5 odd years I have launched my new venture called ‘fingers don’t lie’. In this I give you a detailed analysis on what your fingers reveal about you and what does the length of your fingers say about your personality.

Take a good look at your “thinmirili” (thumb, index, middle, ring & little) and determine each finger-length-stretch. If you studied fingerology you’d realize that “inmiri’s” (index, middle, & ring) are the same, it’s the way these are mounted that you find variations in their lengths. If you had to cut these three fingers and record their measurement you’d know exactly what I’m talking about. Those bloody lifeless meat sticks would say a different story all together.

Have you taken my snarky remarks literally? I suggest you some sense of humor. They’re awesome.

Getting back to the finger-study.

Middle finger call-outs: Is your middle finger the tallest slanting towards the left? I’ve got good news for you, count yourself amongst the lucky ones. It’s like the body slant board redirecting gravity’s force to enhance your beauty, reduce your stress and maintain quality health.

Ring Finger call-outs: Is your ring finger longer than your index finger? I’ve got great news for you, count yourself amongst the lucky ones. You guys are kinder and sweeter especially towards women. The reason for this phenomenon is the result of having a high exposure to testosterone back when you were in the uterus. Extended ring fingers are a big deal.

Extra Finger call-outs: The extra finger means good-luck, compassionate, big-hearted and warm. It’s a blessing from the God’s embrace it.

Wider nails call-outs: These are logical people successful in their profession, ardent explorers and keen moneymakers. The only drawback is their argue a bit too much. Well, if that pays off then argue away to riches.

Not sure if you believe me but if you do then congratulations my friend you are the victim of an irony.

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