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Raj Reddy:

It was a beautiful Saturday morning. I took my trusty steed out for a long drive, So i can get Nutella on my way back.

Life was good, had a couple of things going, a steady job, No health concerns other than love handles ofc. Everyone in the family was not so pissed. Life was “ACTUALLY” good.

But deep down there was always this drift from what i believed in and what i was actually experiencing in life. Felt like all the great people we look up to were talking about something completely different, nothing really added. This caused for very stale and empty walls in my house. Never had the urge to scribble something on it. I literally never felt like i wanted to wake up to a message or fall asleep looking at one. I wasn’t a reading lightweight either. Aristotle,Mark twain,Woody Allen,Bruce Lee,Jet li,Donald Duck,Ben 10. I read it all. Then i thought it was my fear of permanency. Deep down the “Disconnect” was always felt. Disconnect Between what i read & what i experienced.

But that day, that long drive. Changed me forever.

Here’s what i saw……….

Auto Wala Pranam



A Moment Of Silence





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