All I want for Christmas is the Koh-i-noor!  

Natasha Virdi

Koh-i-noor – The Mountain of Light (In Persian)

105.602 carats of glory. Approximately the size of a potato wedge.

Speculated to be mined around the 13th century in the Kollur mine, Andhra Pradesh.

Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and even South Africa are now claiming for it. A recent article emphasized on how India could never get the Kohinoor back because it was gifted to the British and not snatched away illegally. Think twice about the EMI’s before you go overboard, folks.

This diamond has a relatively long history of circulation, it has been touring around from 1200’s right until 1936. In 1936 it was mounted in the Queen’s crown in the Tower of London.

The curse of the Koh-i-noor

I bet you know all good things come with a price. Other than cash back offers ofcourse.

“The Men who own it, bring about their own destruction, but the women suffer no consequences”.

The rulers who owned it summoned themselves to a life full of violence, murder and torture. (Kakatiya’s, Mughal’s and the list goes on)

Like we didn’t know that, diamonds have always been women’s best friend and men’s worst enemy.

If only Diamond’s could speak! They’d probably say, you are all such fools. I’m not even that rare you idiots.


It is true. These little tight clusters of carbon aren’t that rare in the first place. Africa is full of them. It’s one of the oldest and the most successful ad campaigns of all time.

“ A Diamond is forever. Indeed it is, if you can’t sell it

It doesn’t have any resale value because diamonds are not that expensive in the first place and secondly they have artificially restricted supply to only ‘ONE’ company, this company has monopolized the mining of diamonds since forever called De Beers Corporation. These guys have run the most successful ad campaign of all time since 1930’s, the only way a man can show true lasting love & commitment is by gifting his fiancé a diamond ring.

Before that engagements were never accompanied with diamonds ever. Picture that. The theory that the cost of the ideal engagement diamond has to be 2 months of your salary is just propaganda. Now that is just – mean profit making.

So, do think twice. Diamonds are amazing, they’re indestructible, sharp, shiny & what not. But are they really worth blowing up your savings? If you have an understanding better half, do discuss about investing it in something sensible.

If not, then you know she just wants the ring.

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