Activa, oh so active!

Natasha Virdi:

Bikers everywhere all day everyday! Where do they come from? Don’t you feel some days that all these bikers seem like butterflies metamorphosed to hungry-caterpillars eating up all our space and time?

Every household has one non-living member and without it the family is incomplete. Vespa, Bajaj, Bullet, KTM, Yamahas and every other motorbike on one side while our very own Activa on the other. It is impossible to imagine life without this savior.

Don’t you get what I say?

Walk into an apartment parking right now and spot the number of Activas lying proudly in all conditions; my stats confirm a minimum three in a five-floor building.

Why so much hype for this old wine in new bottle?

Apart from its Brand, the parts are cheap and easily available, servicing does not burn a hole in your pocket, good mileage and of course you find a mechanic for it everywhere.

This trend is not only seen in Hyderabad but nationally as well. It has to be one proud bike because it is the first bike in India to cross one crore sales mark.

Grab on to your booking now, it’s Honda after all. It isn’t getting antiquated any sooner or maybe never.

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