About Us

All About Hyderabad… It’s pretty self-explanatory, isn’t it?

We are focussed on giving you the ultimate Hyderabadi experience. Doesn’t matter if you are a local or a visitor, we will help you discover the best this city has to offer.

Now that you’ve bought what we’re selling, let us talk about what is in it for us.

  1. The joy of giving (seriously, we love helping people) : We are fueled by the fact that we are able to help you find something unique and make the most of your time here in this city.
  2. The joy of taking….pictures & videos: We love what we do here. Writing, Making Videos, Exploring places & clicking pictures is something we truly enjoy doing & would do even if no one was watching/reading what we made.
  3. Practice what we preach: We enjoy discovering the hidden treasures of the city & sharing them with you. What is happiness if you don’t share it,right?

The AAH Family:


Raj Reddy

Site Admin/Founder


Natasha Mugshot Final


Natasha Virdi

Writer, Editor & In House Counsellor



Sneha Moorjani 

Food Consultant, Writer & Poker Face Expert