A Checklist For Every Bachelors Fridge

Sneha Moorjani:

In my opinion “Bachelor’s Fridge” isn’t an electronic appliance but a condition that singles suffer from.

Picture this:

You had a hectic day at work, you wage war against the traffic to get home, then you get drunk and finally hit the bed with your socks on. You wake up because your stomach is grumbling and that’s too noisy for your slumber. You drag yourself to that neglected electronic that’s forever switched on but long forgotten.

Skimming through the refrigerator you find 123 Empty bottles, 30 empty cans, leftover pizzas from last month’s party and take outs from God knows when? Orange juice that you use to wash your butt when you were out of water (Yes! I got it from Delhi Belly).

After scanning through the clutter of empty bottles and cans you see perfectly mounted sauces and dairy products that have way passed their expiry date.

Now you’re pissed at your girlfriend because all she did was nag you to clean it before stocking it up instead of having to do it herself. You don’t lose hope so you still look for that silver lining examining the freezer. Ultimately you sigh a relief because you’ve found the answer to all your worries ‘another can of beer’. You gulp that down and crash in again.

You never slept better!

I’m sure you could relate to this. I would rescue you from this crisis, I’ve come up with a quick-fix list to help you on those rainy days. You should probably stock up with my checklist if you want to save yourself from starvation, not due to lack of resources but sheer laziness.

  1. Aao sikhao tumhai aande ka phanda aka Eggs: Quick, easy, healthy and versatile. Undercooked, overcooked or just right really doesn’t matter when it comes to eggs. They go with anything or just by themselves. Do you want me to convince you any more, you Egg eating vegetarians?? LOL
  1. Sabar ka phal meetha hota hai aka Fruits: Any fruit except pomegranates. Apples, grapes, guavas, pears and Bananas. These fruits don’t require a knife just grab them.
  1. Forget love, I’d rather fall in Nutella: Absolutely no words needed for this! Just feast on this heavenly spread.
  1. Khoon paseenai ki kamai aka earning Bread and butter: Stock all of them multi-grain and whole wheat. Almond and peanut butter are a better choice over our regular maska.
  1. Ek glassy, do glassy, teen glassy charr aka Milk: There is a reason why your mom always asked you to drink milk.                                                                         

Ya I know it’s just a funny read, as if you didn’t know all this previously???

That was just a demo, it sounded cool didn’t it. Brace yourself for THE checklist.


  1. Betty crocker pancake mix: All that you would need to go with this is  just cold water!
  2. Frozen parathas and chapatis: you can always iron them to fully cook them LOL.
  3. Cold cuts: for those sandwiches in a jiffy.
  4. Dosa and Idli Mix
  5. Lettuce, spinach and Chinese cabbage: You don’t have to use a knife for a healthy salad. Just tear the leaves apart.
  6. Mayonnaise and cheese: all those salad dressings
  7. Frozen Rice: Yes cook it and stack it in the freezer, stays good for a week.. You can totally make a hundereds of varieties of rice.
  8. Nuts: Go nuts over them
  9. Canned Beans: For all the English breakfast fans and for you Desi’s just empty the can over hot rice.
  10. Dried Italian Herbs: Pizzas, pastas and salads. They just go about with anything.
  11. Lemons: To cure all your hangovers.
  12. Jams! All kinds every kind. Mixed, marmalade, pineapple, mango, strawberry: You can use it on the bread, on ice creams or to make thick milk shakes.
  13. Frozen Fries: One of the handiest components in that cold fast food joint, be it the French fries, patties, smileys or the samosas. These are the rescuers for any unplanned party.
  14. Chicken Salami and sausages: They are great for breakfast and even with whisky.
  15. Juices: The most effortless of all, uncap it and drink away to glory.

Warning: After you’ve selected the best fit-ins your Bachelor’s fridge, I suggest you scan through the expiration dates timely unless you’ve got a thick-skinned stomach.

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