100% Visa Guaranteed

Natasha Virdi:

Are you planning to study abroad? Do you wish to settle in the States? Or are you craving to live overseas? This article is meant for you.

My dear, do not fear, Chilkur Balaji is near!

Hyderabad houses the visa temple, it is one of the oldest Hindu temples that was built 500 years ago on the banks of Osman Sagar. Every day thousands of people flock this temple and by the weekend it gets jam-packed. It is certain you’d find many devotees circumambulating the main shrine with their passports in hand.

There are several overwhelming facts about this religious place. It accepts no donations and neither would you find any donation boxes. This temple fought it way out of the government control and there aren’t any VIP lines for the elite crowd.

There are hundreds of testimonials of people whose visas had been rejected but after their visit to this holy sanctuary their re-application was approved. It has become an obligation for travelers to visit this temple to ensure they are permitted over the seas smoothly.

How it works:

You offer your intention and prayers in the inner shrine after which you complete 11 laps around it. Once your desires have manifested you then return to complete a 108 circuit around the holy shrine.

This tradition bloomed after the pujari Gopalkrishna circled the shrine while a well was being dug. As soon as he completed the 11th round water oozed out. In return he completed 108 rounds as gratification.

The visa God is one busy God and that’s because it is now a trendy requisite to have at least one relative abroad. Stats confirm that Indians are the second largest immigrants in the United States after Mexicans. That is only for the states imagine the rest of the globe.

I am assured that the ‘Visa God’ has quite a lot of visas to process before it reaches the immigrant officers.



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