• Food
  • Street Food – The saviour of Human Race

    Natasha Virdi: Food is exciting but street food is excitement ka baap. Picture this – the best of all worlds in one single lane. Northern delicacies, southern specialities and continental twist all available on the street to satiate your hunger.   Wich Please Are you a bread person? Are you obsessed with breads? Some people can live on […]

  • Biryani
  • Welcome to Bawarchi-land

    Sneha Moorjani: The moment you step in Hyderabad, you realize that you are surrounded by Bawarchis. There’s at least one Bawarchi for every postal code, I don’t even need to exaggerate because that’s how it is. Well, I am not talking about the cooks, but “Bawarchi “ the famous UNCHAINED restaurants in our city. If […]

  • History
  • Hyderabad at the Zenith of its glory!

      Natasha Virdi: June 2nd 2016 marked the second anniversary of Telangana state formation. On this occasion the chief minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao hoisted the biggest and tallest tiranga in Hyderabad’s Sanjeevaiah Park overlooking the still Hussain Sagar Lake. This second year anniversary was a grand affair, all roads were decorated and the state heritage […]

  • Cinema
  • Looking for a Producer?

    Raj Reddy Cinema is a world of imagination and its primeval function is to escape from the clutches of real live mediocrity and embrace the imaginary plane of possibilities. It has influenced every culture centuries ago right from its inception. This industry exists because of one principle, empathy. Actors strap themselves into different roles creating […]

  • Safe & Smart
  • Salted or Peppered?

    Natasha Virdi: There have been so many cases reporting incidents of physical abuse against women all over the world. The scariest part is imagining the number that has never been reported. The truth is, it is impossible to agree on a single source for the cause of sexual violence. We all would agree that this […]